Whale Encounters

Every year over the same time period, humpback whales come to French Polynesia from Antarctica. The first few are sighted in June and the last ones depart our islands in early December. The peak season is between mid-August and the end of October. Encounters during this period are very frequent.

Breeding females come to deliver their calves in the warm waters of Tahiti and the other adults come to find a mate while being sheltered from their natural off shore predators.

This actitivy should involve a professionally trained guide who will have the skills to determine the whales’ activity phases (such as socializing, resting or moving). Boats or tenders should always slow down when they get close to the animals and never turn the engine off.

The guide will adopt a proper behaviour so that the animals are respected and not bothered. Whale and dolphin watching is strictly regulated by law in the Islands of Tahiti since the area has been designated as a sanctuary for marine mammals since 2002. 

Tahiti Private Expeditions holds an operator's government license and has worked over the past decade with a couple of marine biologists who specialize in cetacean research in French Polynesia and the team has acquired tremendous experience in this field. If weather conditions allow, and the whales encountered are in a resting phase, snorkeling with them can be arranged. For reckless and keen divers, rebreather diving may be the perfect way to dive with them as scuba diving is prohibited.

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