25th March 2015

Megayacht News' Destination Guide is publishing the first of a series of dive oriented articles about some of our favorite superaycht destinations around the Pacific. 

Discover the untouched Tuamotu atolls and Marquesas Islands.

20th January 2015

The Senior Editor of Showboats shares her adventures onboard M/Y Askari and Tahiti Private Expeditions in the Islands of Tahiti.

20th November 2014

Diane Fraser and Patricia Codere of Fraser Yachts reminisce about their recent voyage of discovery to the islands of Tahiti onboard M/Y Askari with Tahiti Private Expeditions.

In association with CharterFleet and Tahiti Private Expeditions
14 day ideal cruising itinerary in the Tuamotu atolls, French Polynesia

Fraser Yachts' recent online article about unique underwater experiences featuring Tahiti Private Expeditions and some of our adventures with Superyachts.

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